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What to Wear for Everyday Scandi Style

What to Wear for Everyday Scandi Style

Scandinavian style has been on everyone's lips for a while, mostly in terms of home decor and hygge. As in your home, Scandi style on your body means minimalist, warm and slightly quirky. Colour and texture are not things to shy away from and layering is always a good idea. With a similar climate to ours (think rain, fog, wind and snow), Scandi style is one we can easily transport to the streets of Victoria.

Ready to tuck in? Below find our top FW23 picks to help you build your own wardrobe staples that reference the enigmatic style of our Nordic cousins.

1. Patterned knit sweater

Style and warmth, that's what a patterned sweater is all about. This one from Danish brand Dedicated is made from recycled wool, to be not only beautiful to look at but eco-conscious as well. 

Senja Fair Isle sweater

Image: Dedicated Clothing

2. Cotton T

To keep it cool beneath your wool, a cotton t-shirt is the way to go. This one, again from Dedicated, is a collab with the Non-Violence Project, an org that offers much-needed resources to educators and leaders to help break the cycle of violence. Proceeds from every sale go towards this very worthy cause.

Dedicated x Non Violence collab t shirt

Image: Dedicated Clothing

3. Slip skirt

Mixing up fabrics, textures and shapes is a key Scandi technique. Rather than the  predictable pair of jeans, pairing a trendy satin slip skirt with the fuzzy bulk of a wool sweater lets everyone know that you know what's up.

Suzy D Raven Bias Cut Skirt

Image: Suzy D

4. Rain jacket

Yes, it rains in the winter — a lot. Keep your wool dry with Swedish heritage brand Tretorn, makers of rain wear since 1891 and purveyor to the Royal Court of Sweden. We love the A-line shape of this jacket to fit your bulkiest layers and the easy snaps and roomy hood. This jacket is a hands-down classic winner that will take you from season to rainy season.

Tretorn Wings rain jacket

Image: Tretorn

5. Lug boots

In addition to jackets, Tretorn makes boots — their first product ever, actually. Their boots are not only stylish and practical, they are also so comfortable. We can wear these boots all day and our feet feel great (and dry!).

Tretorn Garpa Pile boots

Image: Tretorn

6. Colourful toque

Have you watched the Swedish series on Netflix called Love and Anarchy? We love it for its outrageous premise and its modern Scandi style, especially the way Sofie perches her toque on her head. Definitely work one of these into your wardrobe.

Molly Bracken toque

Image: Molly Bracken

7. Quality socks

Great boots need great socks. Your sock game should be colourful, patterned and textural and they need to be visible to show off your leaderboard sense of style.

Nat + Noor olive socks

Image: Nat + Noor

8. Silver signet ring

Classic and understated but still edgy, this silver signet ring from Toronto brand Lisbeth is the perfect accessory to add to your smart Scandi outfit.

Lisbeth Jewelry silver signet ring

Image: Lisbeth Jewelry

9. Graphic tote bag

When you think Scandi style, clean and modern graphics are always a hallmark. This tote bag from Banquet Workshop in Vancouver not only embodies the Nordic style but also the cleverness. If you're going to put a message on a tote bag, make it a good one.

Banquet tote bag

Image: Banquet Workshop

10. Fresh scent

Use this Noto Botanics Rooted Oil on your hair and skin to give you a natural woodsy scent while plumping up your skin and smoothing down your hair. One of our favourite products from one of our favourite brands.

Noto Rooted Oil

Image: Noto Botanics

11. Natural lips

Keep your lips natural and moisturized with Poppy and Pout's beeswax and essential oil balm. So many flavours, each more luscious than the last ... they are so good, we keep one in every bag, pocket and purse.

Poppy and Pout lip balm

Image: Poppy & Pout

12. A daring card game

When it's dark outside by 3pm and you've got a long night ahead, what do you do? Invite a few friends over to play a game that gets everyone's heads thinking and pulses racing, of course! Try the Dilemmas Game from The School of Life to enrich those winter hours by wrestling with life's complex moral quandries.

The Dilemmas Game

Image: The School of Life

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