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Public Mercantile was created by Michelle & Metka, two friends who decided to not only start an organic skincare line but also open a brick-and-mortar shop — in the middle of a pandemic — because why not? Life is about jumping in and we are here for it!

We started out in a sweet little space on upper Fort St and, as of September 2022, are now at our awesome permanent location at 1804 Government (at Herald). We think our Chinatown neighbourhood is super rad, and we know you'll agree — come on down to see what else is happening on our fabulous block!

Public Mercantile owners

Thank you for supporting local small businesses that enrich our city with energy and passion. We are grateful for every person that walks through our door.

So honoured to be named one of the influencers in Boulevard Magazine's latest issue! Find us here on page 69.

Boulevard Magazine feature