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Brand spotlight: Caddis

Brand spotlight: Caddis
There are lots of great things about getting older, but it does mean sometimes we need a little help … like in the eyesight department, for instance. We are thrilled to offer Caddis Eye Appliances as the solution to that issue, a brand that aligns with our personal ethos of embracing our age and rejecting the no-win marketing hype of trying to hang onto our youth. As they say, “Now is what we got, and now is pretty awesome.”
Caddis glasses are bold, stylish, all-gender readers with frames that are handcrafted in the US out of high-quality, bio-based acetate and industrial hinges. Each pair has blue light protection built right into the glass and lenses are anti-glare and scratch-resistant. They come in magnifications starting at 1.0, and we also carry 0.0 if you want them simply for the blue light block and/or the look (I mean, why wouldn't you?).
Here's to the true meaning of aging gracefully! 👓
Caddis RCA glasses
Caddis Hooper glasses
Images: Caddis Eye Appliances