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Brand spotlight: Tretorn

Brand spotlight: Tretorn
Do you know Tretorn? 
A heritage brand founded in 1891 in Helsingborg, Sweden and appointed by the Swedish Royal Court in 1915, it has been a happy marriage of fashion and practicality ever since. 
Tretorn started its life as a rubber factory making an innovative boot to keep farmers' feet dry and warm. They had immediate success and expanded quickly, moving onto the tennis courts.
In 1900, Tretorn became the second-ever sneaker maker (right after Keds). Their famous tennis shoe was worn by sport legends like Björn Borg, who popularized it by wearing it both on and off the court. Tretorn further established themselves into the tennis world by making tennis balls.
Throughout the decades, Tretorn expanded their designs into other sports, such as hunting, hiking and sailing. They were the official team sneaker for the Swedish Olympic team and were seen on the feet of the Crown Prince. In the 1970s, they saw their first celebrity collab with ABBA and carry on high-profile collabs to this day. In addition, they continue to supply the Swedish Royal Court.
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A man wearing a yellow rainjacket hold a backpack.
Image: Tretorn