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PINK MOON | Bio-hydration Serum by Salish Sea Botanicals
PINK MOON | Bio-hydration Serum by Salish Sea Botanicals

PINK MOON | Bio-hydration Serum by Salish Sea Botanicals


There is a special place that we can only get to at the lowest tide. We call it “Pink Moon” because this pink tinged sand bar is only revealed a few times every summer. We suspect the rare pink sand is from mating moon snails! Similarly this humectant rich formula naturally pulls water from the environment into skin cells just like the gravitational pull of the moon moves the ocean tides.

This water & oil free bio-hydration serum contains some amazing ingredients creating an exceptional hybrid skin care product. We have used some powerful botanical humectants, like Tremella mushroom, that hold up to 500 x their weight in water. The Stratum Corneum (outer epidermal layer) crave moisture and man do we ever deliver! Hello supple & dewy! Well hydrated skin performs optimally. 

This serum is also beautifully cleansing, brightening, barrier reparative, and oil balancing with soothing properties, loads of antioxidants & collagen boosters.


  • Snow mushroom (Tremella) is beloved for its water grabbing ability.

  • Amazing Niacinamide (4%) for it’s skin soothing, barrier repair, brightening, oil balancing, hyperpigmentation reducing, collagen production and anti-inflammatory properties. Phew!
  • Black Currant extract is beloved for its nourishing fatty acids and anthocyanins (powerful anti-oxidants) all of which help prevent free radical damage, softening and revitalizing skin. It’s also highly anti-microbial!
  • Lemon balm is highly antibacterial, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory. It even has sun shielding abilities from Caffeic acid.
  • Hibiscus flower blossoms offer a wide array of anti-oxidants & emollients to further moisturize and protect from environmental stress. Plus those lovely floral enzymes are perfect to gently exfoliate.

Made in Sidney BC by Salish Sea Botanicals.