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Rootside Orange Bitters
Rootside Orange Bitters

Rootside Orange Bitters


Made for the classics.

Our orange bitters are specifically formulated for classic cocktails calling for Orange Bitters. We teamed up with Good Life Juice in Nanaimo, who deliver us their spent orange rinds the day after juicing. This allows us to extract as much wonderful fresh orange aroma as possible without any wasteful processing.

Ingredients: alcohol, water, orange peel, chamomile, cardamom, nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla, almond, malic acid

148 ml

Limited Release - Made as a direct by-product of Esquimalt Wine Company Vermouth and Rootside Mixers. Rootside takes the very same botanicals used in those products and blends them in novel ways to create delightful cocktail bitters.

These bitters are made for life on the bar. Featuring waterproof labels, a quick Peychaud’s style dasher cap, colour differentiating cap straps, and a clear bottle to see the volume.