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Public's 2023 Holiday Gift Guide

Public's 2023 Holiday Gift Guide

We get it, we are biased ... we kind of love everything we have in the shop (otherwise it wouldn't be in here!). But when asked to choose our top items for gifting (and getting), owners Michelle & Metka and shop manager Molly each narrowed it down to their absolute faves. Without further ado, here are our top 12 picks for the ultimate 2023 gift guide from Public:


1. Rice Pearl necklace 

Kara Yoo rice pearl necklace

"Totally obsessing over Kara Yoo's vibe right now! I’m really into pearls at the moment and love the way these rice pearls look organic." — Metka


2. Forest Etiquette bath bombs 

Forest Etiquette bath bombs

"Local, natural and a great price point! Plus they smell incredible." — Molly


3. Fred Perry crewneck sweater in Night Green 

Fred Perry crewneck

"I love Fred Perry's style and this classic crewneck looks SO good on everybody ... plus the Night Green colour is standout gorgeous." — Michelle


4. PF Candle Teakwood & Tobacco 

PF Candle

"PF Candle is the real deal. Honestly, their Teakwood & Tobacco candle is my absolute fave – it smells insanely good." — Metka


5. Good Vibes toques 

Good Vibes toque

"Super comfortable, warm and stylish, from a fun brand in Spain. These toques appeal to all genders and would be a staple in everyone’s closet." — Molly


6. NOTO Botanics multi-bene stick 

Noto Multi-Bene Sticks

"NOTO is one of my favourite brands in the shop. Their gender-inclusive products are divine; I use the multi-bene stain sticks every single day." — Michelle


7. Huha Mineral Underwear 

Huha underwear

"Excellent quality undies that are comfortable, locally(ish) made (Vancouver) and healthy for your hygiene. Once you try them, you can't go back to other brands -- they are that good." — Molly


8. Davids Toothpaste

Davids toothpaste

"I'm hooked on David's toothpaste! It leaves your teeth feeling dentist-fresh. And can we talk about how it's also a bathroom counter aesthetic?" — Metka


9. Maude vibe

Maude vibe

"We have had people buy this not only for themselves but also for their friends, and trust, nobody will be unhappy you got them this gift. Modern design meets fabulous function." — Michelle


10. Beauty from Bees body serum

Beauty from Bees serum

"It’s a beautiful luxurious serum made with all natural ingredients ... a little goes a long way so it’s a product that lasts! I am especially crazy for the juicy orange scent." — Molly


11. "You Got This" socks 

You Got This Socks

"Little things, big impact. When they were gifted to me, they brought an instant smile and made my entire day. Love the message." — Metka


12. Magazine


"When I finally have a day to curl up on the couch with a cup of tea and relax, a good magazine is my go-to. (Monocle is one of my favourites, and when I couldn't find it stocked anywhere in Victoria, I knew we had to bring it in!) We have such an incredible selection of unique titles that are perfect for moments of holiday relaxation, I couldn't pick just one for this list." — Michelle


**BONUS PICK! Bear & Joey Coffee Scrubs

Bear and Joey coffee scrub

"Bear & Joey Café was our neighbour when our shop was on upper Fort St, and we quickly got hooked on their coffee. When they came out with incredible body scrubs made from their leftover coffee grounds, organic coconut oil and fragrant essentials oils, we had to try them — and believe us when we tell you they are so luxe and delicious, they should be on everyone's gift list." — ❤️