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Milk Magazine #82 - France
Milk Magazine #82 - France

Milk Magazine #82 - France


Milk Magazine. Issue 82. Family Muse

MilK Magazine is a contemporary children’s fashion and lifestyle quarterly magazine based in Paris, France.

On the cover: model Maggie Maurer, her partner Hicham and their daughter Nora Jane open the doors of their house in the Paris suburbs.

The editorial team also met Aurélie Saada, on the occasion of the release of her cookbook, the influencer and creator Anne Laure Mais at her home in Gironde, and was invited to the stationery workshop Cotton Bird.

How does designer Mathilde Cabanas make her inner child grow? Are we doomed to be like our mothers? What to do when your child is a bully? Why is the female belly so fascinating? We also asked ourselves these questions in this issue which, as always, combines society, fashion, food, escape and decorative inspiration.

 Language: English